Story number 1 for 29 Mar 2000

By March 29, 2000

Topping the news today, missionary radio broadcasters in Russia are wondering how the election of Vladimir Putin to the presidency will affect their work in the country. Far East Broadcasting Company’s Victor Akterov says Putin’s policies could have a direct impact on them. “Nobody really knows what’s going to happen to religious freedom. We have two licenses pending one in Moscow and one Izhevsk for getting new frequencies and all the paperwork ready, but everyone is waiting to see what Putin is going to say. Nobody’s really sure about what’s going to happen.” According to Akterov, Putin’s election should concern many Christians. “There is no democracy in Russia. The real opposition to Putin is the communist party right now. The Democrats are no where to be seen. And, this is a huge problem for us because if we don’t have democracy we don’t have religious freedom. That’s the concern that we have.”

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