Story number 2 for 29 Mar 2000

By March 29, 2000

Next, poor economic conditions are having an impact on evangelism in Latin America. That’s the word from the President of Latin America Mission’s David Befus. Befus says as monetary values go down, hope fades. However, he says that actually helps mission groups. “In an environment where they have no hope materially and economically, it actually becomes more advantageous to a mission organization because people are really looking for something to have hope in. And, so it creates a good foundation to talk about the hope that is eternal, the hope that is in Christ.” Inflation and unemployment are in double digits in many countries. Befus says that’s creating problems for the local church. “In absolute terms the offerings for the church in local currency are greater, but in terms of what that can buy it’s less. Where you really see it is with the Latin American Missions movement. They’re not able to sustain their missionaries overseas that they were able to before.”

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