Story number 1 for 29 Mar 2002

By March 29, 2002

(Israel) — Israel tops today’s news as many fear for the safety of Palestinian Christians the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Retaliation for the Palestinian suicide bomber’s Passover Massacre could put the lives of innocent Christians in danger. Christian Aid Mission‘s John Lindner. “We are supporting two Christian ministries there. And recently, a week ago, they were both in (danger) because of the presence of military tanks and Israeli armed forces and they had to close down temporarily. They couldn’t even go outside of their buildings for fear of their lives. And now, these people will be under threat yet again.” Lindner says Christians need to pray for these believers because they’re doing a wonderful work. “These Arab Christians, who are carrying out a Christian witness among Arab peoples. And, what more could we want in this day and age. At the same time, the high school is training young people to be useful citizens of their society and they won’t become terrorists.”

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