Story number 1 for 29 Nov 2001

By November 29, 2001

(Pakistan)–Topping the news, relief supplies for war-torn Afghanistan are beginning to arrive in neighboring countries. The aid is aimed at helping almost 30 million people survive the ravages of war and drought over the next year. Operation Blessing International’s Kumar Periasamy (KOO-mar PEAR-eeah-SAH-mee) says they are helping a refugee camp that had been cut off from supplies. “They had been dependent on a hot soup kitchen, and the organization that was running it has run out of money. This time of the year, it is the fasting month, which have been the most difficult days for them as they fast all day, and only eat at night…and they have no food, at all. So, we were able to open the soup kitchen, and we promised to run the soup kitchen for one month.” Periasamy says this was their challenge: “Everyone is needing food, but we didn’t have the funds. You’re talking about anywhere from 12 to 15-dollars, you can feed a family for two weeks to a month. But we were not able to help everybody, because daily, new people are coming in.” OBI’s mission is to demonstrate God’s love by meeting human need around the world.

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