Story number 1 for 3 Apr 2001

By April 3, 2001

(Macedonia)–We begin today in Macedonia, where political leaders opened talks to address the country’s ethnic tensions. However, the main ethnic Albanian opposition party boycotted the meeting. Christian Aid Mission’s Mike Clinton is in Macedonia. He says tension are high. “The feeling here, from the Macedonians, are they don’t want the Albanians any more. They’ve said, we’ve helped 300,000 and now they start shooting at us. In the words of one ministry leader, it’s peaceful right now, but he knows within the next year it’s going to blow up again. So, there’s just an unease here throughout the whole country.” Clinton says ministry opportunities are mixed. “Most of the Albanians right now in Macedonia are not very receptive to the Gospel, although a lot of the Macedonian’s are receptive. So, there’s a give and take going on. But, in the other countries where some of these Albanians from Macedonia have gone they are more open.” Funding is needed to purchase Bibles, tracks and other outreach aids.

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