Story number 2 for 3 Apr 2001

By April 3, 2001

(Philippines)–Meanwhile, Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has ordered “all-out war” on a band of Muslim extremists. Tensions have been mounting since the temporary truce was offered in Mid-March. International Aid has a project in the north, but feels that the risk is more localized in the country’s south. However, I-A’s Sonny Enriquez says: “We are monitoring the situation because we’ve learned that 100-thousand people are displaced as a result of the fighting that’s going on. When you have this number of people, it probably will continue to grow. Then, it will require logistical support.” Enriquez says they need people to pray because: “The churches around the area are being tagged. They’re [Muslim extremists] trying to put a religious fervor in it, although it’s [the situation is] not. The churches are brought into it because of that factor. Pray for the church’s own security, and secondly, for wisdom, that they may be able to show love and concern in moments of difficulty.”

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