Story number 1 for 3 Dec 2001

By December 3, 2001

(Nepal)–Topping the news, the Nepali people are on edge as last week ended under a state of emergency and continued fighting with Maoist rebels. It is under these conditions that the Bible League begins to train believers. We spoke with the woman who was key in starting the new ministry. For security reasons, we’ll call her ‘Denise’. She says Christians recognize their danger in this Hindu nation. “They could be marked for targets more in their communities, and being shunned from the families and the communities, some of the Maoists have made them targets. But, that’s been for the past few years. They’ve suffered, especially out in the villages.” Denise says, in an isolated and hostile climate like Nepal’s, the Bible League’s launch of this ministry is an encouragement for Christians. “The purpose of “Project Philip” is to take ordinary church members to send out evangelistic outreaches, one on one with their own friends and family. This is very effective, especially in places where the church has been persecuted or evangelistic outreaches have been restricted.”

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