Story number 1 for 3 Oct 2000

By October 3, 2000

We begin today’s newscast in Indonesia, where violence between the Muslims and Christians persists. An attempt at reconciliation talks between the two sides has failed. The Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board’s Crag Martin says although the fighting moved into a quiet period, the hostilities intensified. “The government can say that they’re going to protect the people, but they’re not in control. This is probably the closest to anarchy I’ve ever seen. I think reconciliation will not happen at this point. The main factor is that the Christians didn’t feel good about going to a meeting to discuss reconciliation when there were still attacks going on.” Martin says believers need to support the Indonesian church in prayer. “The people just really want it all to be over with and actually have grown closer to the Lord as a result of the situation. You have a lot of people that are saying in the churches that there’s been a real revival amongst the Christians as the result of the crisis.”

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