Story number 1 for 30 May 2002

By May 30, 2002

(Malawi)–In our top headline, an anemic harvest in Malawi may add stress to the humanitarian crisis building there. The latest reports indicate millions are at risk of starvation in spite of the latest relief efforts. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner says the tragedy began last year with the devastating floods. “That was followed by drought, which damaged this years’ crop. Then, the fact that the bridges and railroads are washed out prevents a limited amount of food to be brought in, and finally, the government sold their crop reserves last year for cash. Now, they are down to rock bottom, they have no reserves, and the people are starving.” Lindner describes their relief effort as a testimony to the work of the local church. “Pray for us because there is much work being done by native missionaries, all around the world, not only in Africa and the drought-stricken areas, Malawi, but also in other parts of Africa, and also Asia, and Latin America.” Christian Aid Mission is trying to raise the funds for this project. 13-dollars and 25-cents will feed a family for a month.

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