Story number 1 for 31 Dec 1999

By December 31, 1999

We begin today in Indonesia where fresh ethnic and religious clashes erupted on the country’s ravaged spice islands. The violence has been linked to this week’s outburst elsewhere in Indonesia. Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton says: “The violence is beginning because Muslims are attacking Christians. It’s an organized plan to force Christians off of the islands, where, up till now, they have been a majority. It started out in Ambon, and now it seems to be spreading to other islands in western and eastern Indonesia.” Nettleton adds that prayer is needed because: “There have been reports of churches being burned, there have been people being killed. We have just had a courier that has delivered some aid to Christians who have been displaced. We try to provide support to churches to help them rebuild, to help them continue to serve the Lord. I think we can pray for the safety of these people, further, we can pray for their witness.” Nettleton says despite the trouble, national workers have no plans to evacuate.

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