Story number 2 for 31 Dec 1999

By December 31, 1999

Next, nearly 12-million people remain homeless in India in the wake of the cyclone that hit India in October. The storm clobbered the shores of Orissa State, setting back industrial development in the region by 20 years. Operation Mobilization’s Peter Dance says they’re doing what they can to help. “OM has really got quite a few we’re sending in – about 150 people to minister and work in one particular area. Obvious we can’t reach the whole state, but we are moving in to see houses built, to see wells dug, to help them plant their crops.” According to Dance, helping them physically is an open door to show the predominately Hindu peoples the Gospel. “Going into one particular area, working there for a long period of time, seeing all of it come together – the whole well-being of whole person, we’re going to share the love of Christ, in that way show that we care and that Christ cares for them.”

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