Story number 1 for 31 Jul 2001

By July 31, 2001

(Macedonia)–Headlining today’s news peace talks continue in Macedonia as government leaders try to end five months of violence with rebel Albanians. The violence has caused some concern for American missionaries. Send International’s Andy Spradley explains why. “There was some anti-American sentiment because of some statements that were made on television by a member of the Macedonian government accusing NATO of essentially of helping the rebels. And so, they attacked a couple of the western embassies including the United States Embassy. The Embassy issued a warning to Americans to either get out of the country or maintain a very low profile.” Spradley and his family will remain in Macedonia for the time being because people are more open to hearing the Gospel. “The average citizen here fears war and so many of them are more open than they have been in the past to a message of what God can offer in terms of Christ’s peace. As always is the case there’s some that become hardened and there’s some that become more open in a time of crisis.”

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