Story number 2 for 31 Jul 2001

By July 31, 2001

(Philippines)–Meanwhile, as the Philippines struggles with Muslim rebel violence, women are being targeted with the Gospel. Trans World Radio began airing their Project Hannah’s Women of Hope radio broadcast in Tagalog (tah-GAH-luhg) this month. Project Hannah’s Marli Spieker. “We were ready to go a month before, but because of the riots and the situation especially in that very city where all that political unrest was happening, that’s where our program is. So, we had to post pone because of that.” Spieker says women in countries around the world need this program. “They live is such a fear and such a despair. They are stripped of their dignity. 66-percent of all the women in the world are illiterate. We are giving, in the first part of the programs, some kind of intellectual enlightenment. And, then we have other segments that help these women with the message of Jesus.” Women of Hope is now broadcasting in 12 languages around the world.

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