Story number 1 for 4 Apr 2002

By April 4, 2002

(Jerusalem)–Our newscast begins today in Jerusalem where the storm raging between Israel and Palestine continues to intensify. For those involved with Christian ministry, their message is pressing. While High Adventure Ministries’ Phil Holmes says he’s looking over his shoulder more as he goes to and from work, the risk is worth it. “We’re getting numerous letters from Iraq and Egypt and surrounding Arab nations that are hearing the Gospel from Jerusalem in their language. It’s bringing hope to those who know that danger is imminent in these days. They are calling upon the name of the Lord to save them.” Holmes says intensity is part of the Christian walk. He points out that this is a time to stay put. “It just shows the believers to hunker down, to get on our knees and constantly look to the Lord, because these are the times that He can use us more.” High Adventure Ministries broadcasts the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

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