Story number 1 for 4 Dec 2001

By December 4, 2001

(Philippines)–Topping the news, family members of kidnapped New Tribes Missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham believe the hostage crisis has gone on too long. The situation intensified Monday when the terrorist group chained Martin to one of their gunman. That makes a rescue attempt very risky. We spoke with Martin Burnham’s father, Paul, about the appeal. “We’re just trying to encourage the government to reinforce their plans and to maybe, change their plans, if they’re not working. Just pray that the military would have wisdom in knowing how to secure a release and also, that the Philippine government would see the need of releasing them as soon as possible.” The Burnhams were taken by the Abu Sayyaf in May. Paul Burnham knows faith is helping them through the ordeal. “There comes a point, when your body gets weak enough, that you can really doubt. But, they have said that their faith is strong, and they are trusting God, no matter what. They continue to be an example to those who have taken them captive as to what a Christian really is.”

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