Story number 2 for 4 Dec 2001

By December 4, 2001

(Nepal)–Next, Nepal’s state of emergency continues, as the government struggles to regain control of the country. Back to the Bible’s Mark Blowers says the trouble has made them careful in the set-up of their work there. “We have been a lot more cautious because of the political events that have gone on in Nepal all during 2001. It’s been a very difficult environment to work in. We’ve had to be very careful not to raise the specter of the church there, in the way of inviting persecution.” Despite the tension, Blowers says they will reach into Nepal with a Bible teaching program and an evangelistic outreach via radio. “We’ve worked with existing churches, and these existing groups have had ministries there that have good reputations already. Coming in, like we are as an outside radio ministry, we want to get this in the hands of locals as quickly as possible and it also gives greater effectiveness for the Gospel.” The group will launch both broadcast and literature outreaches January 1, 2002.

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