Story number 1 for 4 Dec 2002

By December 4, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–We begin today in the Ivory Coast where more rebel violence has claimed another evangelistic outreach opportunity there. Michael Cassidy of African Enterprise says they were hoping to hold a citywide mission this week in Abidjan, but it just wasn’t possible. “Both the local churches and the various embassies all advised that this wasn’t the time to go ahead. People were too preoccupied with the crisis. The churches couldn’t think about something like the citywide mission because they were coping with refugees. Therefore, with very, very great regrets, we were asked to put the mission on hold.” Cassidy says the cancellation came at a pretty large financial cost. “Missions of that kind cost in the region of 60,000 some dollars. I wouldn’t say we lost our shirt completely on it, but we’re going to have to “re-find” the funding to go back in there. So, just to end the year in the black is a tremendous challenge to us.”

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