Story number 1 for 4 Jan 2000

By January 4, 2000

We begin today in Indonesia, where fighting has broken out again this week
between Muslims and Christians. Due to the number of casualties, officials now say
this is the worst of any religious conflict in Indonesia’s 50-year history as an
independent nation. Open Doors’ Terry Madison says: “A number of churches,
anywhere from one to five churches have been burned, a number of people have been
killed, and an estimation of at least a hundred of those being called Christians.
Violence, which is very close to the tinder point, broke out and a number of houses
and mosques were burned down, businesses were destroyed.” Madison adds that the
body of Christ elsewhere should be in vigil. “We need to pray that men and women on
both sides will find common ground and realize that destroying each others’ mosques
and churches, killing each other, is to nobody’s best interest. We need to pray that the
Lord will help the Christians and the nominal Christians find some peace.”

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