Story number 1 for 4 Jan 2001

By January 4, 2001

Topping the news, the Indonesian government’s move to delegate power to its unstable provinces got off to a rocky start with the protest resignation of one of the key ministers charged with implementing the plan. The Administrative Reform Minister implied the plan could collapse because of lack of support. The International Mission Board’s Dr. Jim Brown explains what this could mean for their work. “The relief ministries we’re trying to do in the Maluku area could be compromised somewhat, because with the different relief agencies in there trying to do things, if the government becomes more unstable, I’m not sure what additional anarchy could create in the Malukus.” Brown says the church is prepared to continue their outreach, despite the sectarian violence. “It has really enhanced their discipleship. They have regular prayer times for the crisis that’s going on now. The Christian community is bending over backwards, using their churches, using their homes, trying to help people seeking refuge.”

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