Story number 2 for 4 Jan 2001

By January 4, 2001

Meanwhile, a new partnership will allow more Arabic speaking programming on the radio in the Middle East. Words of Hope, Back to God Hour and the Middle East Reformed Fellowship are working together to expand Arabic speaking program to seven days a week. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung. “With the increased number of programs that need to be produced, instead of locating all the staff on the island of Cyprus and expanding our work there, we instead wanted to set up two additional satellite studios. One in Cairo, Egypt and the other in Beirut, Lebanon.” The Cairo facility is already operational, the studio in Beirut will be finished later this year. He says this will allow Christians in Syria, Iraq and other countries to get involved. “It’s going to be exciting, not only the increase in Arabic broadcasting to a daily status, but also the fact that there will be creative input from so many different sources based right on the ground in a couple of key areas there in the Middle East.”

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