Story number 1 for 4 Jun 2001

By June 4, 2001

(Nigeria)–Topping the news, as the second anniversary of the restoration of Nigeria’s civilian rule has come and gone, few are celebrating. President Olusegun Obasanjo ended corrupt military rule, but too late, for some. Nigeria’s health sector infrastructure is in a shambles after 15 years of neglect. That has led to a doctor strike and the shutdown of the public hospitals. SIM’s Jonathan Shea explains the impact on their medical mission work. “This is the second one this year for the non-mission hospitals. The mission hospitals are staying open. They’ve had a lot of extra people coming in. It’s just an ongoing thing. Anybody who comes in has to have light, they can walk in it if they’d like.” Shea asks believers to pray for Christian medical workers. “During this time, all of the folks in the mission hospitals, as few as they might be, would be overworked. So that would be a really welcome thing, if folks would support them during the extra busy time.”

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