Story number 1 for 4 Mar 2002

By March 4, 2002

(Congo)–The Democratic Republic of Congo tops our news today as the country continues to reel from civil war, volcanic eruptions and lack of food. Peace talks have started, but according to World Vision‘s Alison Preston, the situation is desperate. “Following the volcano we’re working hard to provide people with food, with water and also with housing because 15,000 people lost their homes. But, on a broader scale, we’re struggling desperately for funding particularly to meet the needs of those affected by the war.” Preston says 16-million people have been affected by the fighting, but she says they’re reaching out with more than food. “As a Christian organization we are seeking to express the hope that we have. We pray with people. We also work with the churches to try and support them.” You can listen to the full interview at MissionNetworkNews-dot-org.

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