Story number 1 for 4 Oct 2001

By October 4, 2001

(Pakistan)–Our newscast begins today in Pakistan where the Barnabas Fund is reporting that Muslim religious leaders have reportedly issued a fatwa, or religious edict. It states that two Pakistani Christians will be killed for every Muslim who dies during American strikes on Afghanistan. While Voice of the Martyrs’ Gary Lane says while their sources in Pakistan wouldn’t confirm that, there is a growing intolerance of Christians. “I’ve talked to Christians all over the world that have been persecuted and are continuing to be persecuted in Islamic nations; mostly, under radical Islam. There are two types of persecution. One is institutionalized, where it is the policy of the government, and then there is other persecution, which is more societal or a cultural persecution.” Lane says being a believer right now in certain Muslim countries will be a test of faith. “There are small pockets of Christians that quietly worship the Lord. They are persecuted if it is known that they are Christian. Many of them face possible death if it becomes known that they were Muslims who have converted to Christianity.”

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