Story number 2 for 4 Oct 2001

By October 4, 2001

(International)–Meanwhile, there is a growing counter-terrorism movement around the world, in response to the devastation visited on the United States. Christians in Action’s Bob Spencer says for believers, there’s more to their preparation than gas masks and medicines. “There is a certain amount of prudence involved in the physical realm, but also in the spiritual. I think we need to be careful of the spirit of fear, leading us to seal ourselves off. We’ve got to reach out to the Muslim world saying, ‘We love you.’ ” Spencer is encouraging Christians to be ready. “We need to pray that God will help the church to reap the harvest that is before us. I believe it’s greater than it’s ever been. We need to also pray that God will use the circumstances to expose and breakdown barriers within the Muslim politics that have, up until this time, made it nearly impossible for the penetration of the Gospel.”

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