Story number 1 for 4 Sep 2000

By September 4, 2000

Topping today’s news, missionary radio outreaches are excited about new possibilities in ministry with the fire in Moscow’s famed tower. The fire knocked most television and F-M radio stations off the air. However, Voice of Friendship is still broadcasting. Voice of Friendship‘s Victor Akhterov says the Russian people turned to them. He believes they’ll keep listening. “Even if T-V is getting back on the air, we’ll retain many of those listeners I believe because, we talk about the Gospel in the context of every day life. And, that’s what people want to hear. They want to hear how the Gospel of Jesus Christ affects them in their daily lives.” Akhterov says more Russians will be able to hear in the days ahead because of something new. “I received a call from our director in Izvhesk and he said, he was so excited, he said I just received permission to go and broadcast on the F-M station. It’s going to be our first F-M station in Russia.” October 1st is the scheduled startup date.

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