Story number 2 for 4 Sep 2000

By September 4, 2000

Meanwhile, goats are helping pay for educating young people in Haiti. World Concern‘s Haiti director Christon Domond says because of the desperate need, they’ve started the Kidz 2 Kidz program. It provides a young person with a female goat that they can breed. They then are able to sell its offspring to pay for school. “There are few schools in Haiti and many children don’t have access to education, don’t have access to schools. This program comes to help some families to face this problem.” Domond says the program is ultimately designed to point people to Christ, however more goats are needed. He says for 35-dollars you can provide one. “We need to involve more children, but in Haiti it’s not easy to get money to increase the number of children we have in the program. There are big demands.”
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