Story number 1 for 5 Apr 2000

By April 5, 2000

Topping today’s news Haitian officials have shelved April 9th parliamentary elections, jeopardizing millions of dollars in aid. However, Joe Richter of Farms International says much of that aid never reaches those in need. He says that’s why they’re working there. “Farms is targeting very poor families from the central plateau and the northern coast of Haiti with income generation projects, either in agriculture or small businesses. These are people that generally would not benefit much by a government program.” Ritcher says proximity to programs and corruption restricts those benefits. He says their programs have been successful. “One of our programs reported to us that the extra tithing that came in from the program is used now for youth outreaches and youth conferences, and this wasn’t possible previously.” Richter says it costs 300-dollars to establish families in agriculture, which also empowers the church in evangelism.

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