Story number 2 for 5 Apr 2000

By April 5, 2000

Turning next to Uganda, the cult disaster is still playing itself out as authorities continue to find bodies hidden in mass graves. The horror plaguing the survivors has left a way for the true Gospel to heal, according to David Shibley of Global Advance. “Obviously, there’s a lot of confusion, certainly a lot of pain as a result of this terrible massacre. And yet, many are looking to God, but they’re looking for proper answers, some are now confused, wondering how a supposed man of God could lead so many into error.” Global Advance is holding two Frontline Shepherd’s Conference’s next month in Uganda. Shibley says for Christian leaders, this is a critical time for training…and prayer. “Most of the pastors of Uganda are good and godly men. But they need encouragement and they also need help in basic Christian doctrine so that they can keep their people free from the effects of synchrotism, of a diluting of the Gospel with error.”

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