Story number 3 for 5 Apr 2000

By April 5, 2000

Evangelism Explosion International is in the fledgling stages of a project in Mongolia. E-E’s Buddy Gaines says they are excited about the project’s potential. “We work through pastors of local churches, not outside local churches. We’ve been there before, several different times, but this is the first time that we’ve selected a pastor, trained him and the E-E work will begin in his local church before it spreads throughout Mongolia.” Gaines says their goal is to train and equip as many Christians as possible in Mongolia, but there are things that need to happen first. “Our long-range goal is not only to translate the materials, which is beginning now, to field test and use the materials, and probably, summer of next year the local church will have enough E-E trainers to be trainers for a full-fledged clinic for Mongolian pastors.”

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