Story number 1 for 5 Feb 2002

By February 5, 2002

(Turkey)–A deadly earthquake headlines today’s news as at least 45 people were killed and hundreds wounded in central Turkey. Sunday’s magnitude six earthquake was far less powerful than the 1999 quake which killed 18-thousand people. Christian Aid Mission’s Peter Kaya (KI-ah) says Christians are taking an active part in helping the victims. “They are helping the injured people. Providing food and providing tents for them. Many people lost homes.” Kaya is asking Christians to help financially. He says when Christians helped two years ago it provided great opportunities for outreach in this predominately Muslim country. “Two years ago people saw Christianity (as) not bad, because a lot of Christian brothers and sisters helped (in the) disaster. A lot of people’s live changed. This is a great opportunity (to) also share your faith.”

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