Story number 1 for 5 Jul 2002

By July 5, 2002

(Israel)–Headlining today’s news many Christians in Israel live in fear today, fearful of when the next bomb may explode, or when soldiers will overtake their neighborhood. That’s the word from High Adventure Ministries’ Jackie Michum-Yockey. Yockey says their staff needs a lot of prayer. She says even their director sounds discouraged. “Isaac Gronberg called in the other day. He was very tired – a lot of fatigue. And of course that would affect our staff. I know when I get calls in from the broadcasters as they’re leaving they’ll say, pray for us we still got to go home.” High Adventure broadcasts Christian programming from Jerusalem. Yockey says despite the fear, fatigue and violence, these problems are actually forcing people to ask questions. “We’re getting an excellent response. People are beginning to start wondering, hey maybe those things that are in the Bible, are they true? And, we have people call in.”

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