Story number 1 for 5 Jun 2001

By June 5, 2001

(Philippines)–Headlining today’s news, New Tribes Missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham are still being held hostage by Muslim extremists in the Philippines. Scott Ross is with New Tribes Mission and is concerned because the Philippine government wants to stop this Muslim group with force. “When you’re having the government take a strong position of a military operation that risk goes much higher. Now, that they’ve gotten out of the hospital and are back into the jungle, open engagements out in that area can be a real concern.” Over the weekend, the rebel group broke free from a skirmish with government troops. Ross is asking Christians to pray for the Burnhams and their family. “Martin and Gracia have three children. Just be praying for them. Their parents are gone and all of this trauma that they’ve been facing. Then, also the Burnham parents. This is a big trauma for the parents. The rebels battling their way back out of the hospital was disappointing to the families.”

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