Story number 1 for 6 Jan 2000

By January 6, 2000

Violence against Christians tops our news today as more than 25 Coptic
Christians have been killed in violence in Egypt. Voice of the Martyrs Todd
Nettleton explains what caused the slaughter. “The Christians in the city of al-Kosheh
have come under attack repeatedly in recent days by fanatic Muslims there.
Apparently the conflict started as a small conflict between one Christian and one
Muslim and then it escalated and apparently the whole village is now under attack.”
Nettleton says Police currently have the situation under control, but that could change
in an instant. He’s asking people to pray. “Pray for safety for these Christians. And,
then I think, pray that even in situations like this they can be a witness for Christ. I think
in adversity and the trials by fire that’s where the true gold can really show through.
And, so, I think God can use these situations to bring people to himself.”

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