Story number 1 for 6 Jun 2003

By June 6, 2003

(Sudan)–We begin today in Sudan where the country’s Islamic government is again attacking Christians in the south. These new attacks are in clear violation of a cease-fire signed by the two sides. Voice of the Martyr’s Todd Nettleton says 59 people were killed. “Included in the attack was a Presbyterian pastor, the only pastor in this particular area. He and his wife and his four children were burned to death in their home as Sudanese Islamic government troops surrounded the home and threatened to shoot anyone who ran out. So, clearly, Christians are being targeted.” Nettleton says VOM is providing blankets and care kits for the oppressed. He says this helps them share the Gospel with those who are non-Muslim. “As we work with pastors to distribute these goods, we’re also able to share that message, you know, there’s more to being a Christian than not being a Muslim, you need to know Jesus, you need to commit your life to him.”

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