Story number 2 for 6 Jun 2003

By June 6, 2003

(Zambia)–Elsewhere, desperation for an AIDS cure may be increasing depravation. Zambian authorities now face new issues, including incest, sexual abuse and HIV/AIDS. The AIDS virus has already decimated the adult population, leaving a whole generation of orphans. Teen Missions International’s Doug Peterson says that’s where they step in. “Instead of bringing the orphans out of their culture, out of their villages, into an orphanage, we’re taking our ministries, these graduates from our Bible school, out to where the orphans live. [And], we’re establishing a little mobile unit for them to live in, and then ministering in an area about three to five mile radius.” That means they are reaching over 500 orphans with the hope of Christ. Peterson, again: “We have weekend camps and we share the claims of Christ with the orphans and there are many who have shared with us that they have never heard about Jesus Christ. So, they’re hearing about Christ in the first place and accepting Him as Savior, and then being discipled in these camps. That’s our spiritual ministry to them.”

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