Story number 1 for 6 Mar 2000

By March 6, 2000

Mozambique tops today’s news as mission and relief agencies are working together to save lives as flooding plagues that country. World Concern’s Sandra Church explains how they’re helping. “We are partnering with Food for the Hungry there at this time. We’ve sent monetary donations to them, to help them facilitate rescue helicopters and also food supplies and dehydration supplies and (those) types of things.” According to Church, once the floodwaters subside World Concern will be helping with seeds and emergency food needs. Church says the message of Christ will go with all of it. “The people we have there have been there for 10 years and they have relationship with those people in that area. They’re very Godly people and we know that as the minister the food and the medicines they’ll also be ministering Christ. So, we’re partnering very reliable people who love the Lord and are there for that very purpose.” Call 800-755-5022 to help.

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