Story number 1 for 6 May 2002

By May 6, 2002

(India)–Headlining today’s news, as India continues to debate the religious violence plaguing that predominately Hindu nation, at least one Christian group is celebrating. Mission India’s John DeVries. “The graduation of 110 church planters. And, one of the interesting statistics which we just received was the number of decisions that were recorded through the three programs for the last calendar year. It averages 4,300 decisions per day.” DeVries says the numbers will increase based alone on the number of requests they’ve had for the children’s Bible clubs. “This program has been so successful that we’ve just been whopped by the response this year and we don’t know where to turn having budgeted for about three million we now are facing just a little shy of five million requests.” 30-dollars can help provide a teacher and training materials for 30 children.

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