Story number 1 for 6 Nov 2002

By November 6, 2002

(Nepal)–Topping the news, an appeal in the case of native missionary has been filed with the Supreme Court of Nepal. The first hearing has been slated for November 14th in Kathmandu. Falsely accused and convicted of murder, the missionary is serving his third year in prison under a 20-year sentence. Gospel For Asia’s K-P Yohannan. “Once some sober-minded judges look at this thing, they will see that he’s totally innocent. Talking to Manja (Tamang), our leaders tell me he’s in good spirits. He’s saying that, ‘My God has allowed me to be in jail for some wonderful plan.'” Yohannan says despite imprisonment, their worker is planting seeds of the Gospel. “I’m told [that] not a day goes by that someone is praying with him to receive Christ in this life, because they are going nowhere-he’s in prison with these people and as he witnesses about the Lord and talks to people, people are opening their hearts to the Lord.”

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