Story number 1 for 6 Oct 2000

By October 6, 2000

Our newscast begins in Nigeria, where tensions over the implementation of Sharia law persist. While the restrictive atmosphere is lessened in the south between Muslims and Christians, there are other problems that plague the people. Gospel Revival Ministries’ John Musser. “We are heading at the end of this month for Oktupo–that has been declared by the Nigerian government as AIDS disaster zone. So, literally, thousands of people are infected with the disease, and the city is filled with fear. We believe that God is going to give us a great harvest.” Musser adds because the people seem to have lost their hope, they are gearing up for an intense mission. “We pray for the crusade that we’re going to have October 23rd through November 2nd. We are currently building a church just so we can capture the results of the crusade; we’re going to plant some key native pastors there, and we believe that revival or spiritual awakenings are born out of desperation.”

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