Story number 2 for 6 Oct 2000

By October 6, 2000

Meanwhile, in South Africa, missions work continues amid boiling economic tensions and an AIDS epidemic. A group of 15 students from Carver Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia worked with Operation Mobilization recently in Soweto and Capetown. Bobby Lyles was one of those students. “There’s no jobs; unemployment is high. We visited the townships of Soweto and Pretoria and the AIDS epidemic there is rampant. I think the unemployment rate there is almost 75 percent in that particular township and it’s just those kinds of concerns, unemployment, poverty and AIDS.” Lyles says, despite the hardships, the people are eager to hear the Gospel. “Most of the people that I had the great pleasure to meet and chat with and talk with were very open to the Gospel of Christ. I didn’t run across any ‘rejection’; some resistance in some places, but most individuals were receptive to what we had to share.”

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