Story number 1 for 6 Sep 2001

By September 6, 2001

(Nigeria)–We begin today in Nigeria, as heavy protests continue to trail the return of some schools to their former Christian owners. The Association of Christian School’s Phil Renicks says the Lagos State Ministry of Education is trying to address some of the concerns. However, he believes Nigeria has confidence in the Christians. “The state’s basically saying, ‘We can’t fund them, we don’t have the resources, we don’t have the teachers. Therefore, we need to do something to give them back to you and let you run them.’ So, that’s a very positive sign. But on the other side, it has some downside to it-where is the church going to get the resources to run these schools?” Renicks says partnerships are forming to further the Gospel. “Many of the churches are now coming to us and saying, as orphanages start, ‘How can you help us start Christian schools?’ We’re looking at how we can provide curriculum materials that have a Biblical base, that will be culture specific; what will meet the needs of children throughout the entirety of the African continent.”

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