Story number 1 for 7 Aug 2003

By August 7, 2003

(Indonesia)–Indonesia headlines today’s news. A radical Islamic group has claimed responsibility in the explosion outside the Marriot Hotel this week in Jakarta. That explosion claimed the lives of 14 people. Far East Broadcasting Company broadcasts Christian programming in Jakarta and other cities in the region. FEBC’s President Jim Bowman says situations like this helps broadcasters share a message of hope. “The thing that Christian radio can do is just to calm people down and to keep reminding people about mortality and about the things that really matter. The fact is, people are always more open to the Gospel when these kinds of things occur.” Bowman says Christians around the world need to pray. “We can pray, of course, that our own broadcasters will be spared from any violence. They are all Indonesians and we can pray that Christians show their courage on the radio station in the face of it. And, to show people that because we have Christ that we’re not as concerned about the ultimate outcome of these things.”

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