Story number 3 for 7 Aug 2003

By August 7, 2003

(India)– India’s Hyderabad is among the leading metropolitan areas in India where technology and entertainment are common. Dayspring International’s John Gilman just went to Hyderabad with the express intent of capitalizing that strength and moving their film ministry to the next level. “The purpose of our visit was to put our wonderful asset this all-Indian-acted life of Christ motion picture into DVD format. It’s an historic moment for us; we’re thrilled about it.” Gilman says with the new format, they can be realistic in looking at a growth spurt in ministry. “The digitalization of the movie will just enhance our film team’s ability to show the film in many different venues and help us to mobilize more women teams where they can carry the equipment.” In the old format, Dayspring teams shared the hope of Christ in 125-thousand villages. Gilman hopes the format change paves the way for their teams to reach 600-thousand villages in the next five or ten years.

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