Story number 1 for 7 Dec 2001

By December 7, 2001

(Afghanistan)–We begin today in Afghanistan where Christians are still at risk despite the fall of the Taliban. That’s the word from the President of Open Doors USA, Terry Madison. Madison says Christian refugees are especially facing difficulty. “Because they’re so outnumbered by Muslims, to become known as a Christian in a Muslim refugee camp is not a safe place to be. And, so they may be of necessity trying to find food and shelter, but in order to maintain their Christian faith they are at great risk.” Madison says converting to Christianity is very dangerous. He describes what happened when a co-worker led two Afghanis to Christ. “The father of one of these young men discovered that his son had converted to Christianity and the father put a gun to his son’s head and killed him. And, then, knowing who he had just met with tracked him all the way back into Parachinar on the Pakistani side of the border and killed him in a public market place.”

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