Story number 1 for 7 Jul 2000

By July 7, 2000

Topping today’s news, it’s a troubling time for Christians in India. Rising waves of persecution are spreading fear among the believers, and the pressure is still intensifying. That, despite repeated calls for justice from international groups and most recently, the Vatican. Dayspring International’s John Gilman says the persecution has been a catalyst. “For the first time in India’s history, hundreds of Christian organizations, agencies, denominations, all different practices of the Christian faith, are beginning to realize they need to join together in realizing that if India is going to hear the Gospel, they have got to come together, praying for one another, serving one another, loving one another.” Gilman says things have seen a definite downturn, but that hasn’t stopped the boldness of the Gospel. “I think Christians are feeling the need to humble themselves, yet not be ashamed of the Gospel, and not be afraid to proclaim this wonderful good news that sets people free.”

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