Story number 1 for 7 Jun 2002

By June 7, 2002

Breaking News
(Philippines) — We begin today’s newscast in the Philippines where a tragic end has come to the hostage situation involving New Tribes Missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham. New Tribes spokesman Scott Ross says the Filipino military attempted to rescue the Burnham’s this morning. “We received a call about four this morning telling us that some type of military action had taken place and in fact Martin had been killed and Debra Yap had been killed and Gracia has been wounded.” Gracia is recovering from her injuries. Ross hopes this will mobilize believers. “This is a job that at times tensions will arise between safety and what God has asked us to do to go reach those very remote people groups around the world and I think our people are not cowering to that. We’ve heard tremendous stories, at least out of the Columbia situation where people wanted to replace these men that were taken out of service. And, I think as well we’ll hear that.”

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