Story number 2 for 7 Jun 2002

By June 7, 2002

(India)–Meanwhile, Bibles are desperately needed for the crisis along the India/Pakistan border. Bibles for the World’s founder Rochunga Pudaite explains why. “We have five chaplains who are working right there in Kashmir on the border with the army. And, they are saying that the chapels are full. And, they could hardly contain the number of people who wanted to come to the church. And, it’s amazing how previously unconcerned people are now coming to church and listening to the messages.” Pudaite says this crisis is causing an increasing desire for people to read God’s word. “We’re just running out of our supplies and so I’m calling for one-million copies of the Gospel of John to be printed as soon a possible. During a time when the land is in crisis they will read the word of God and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.” A gift of 25-dollars will purchase 100 Gospels of John.

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