Story number 1 for 7 May 2003

By May 7, 2003

(Iraq)–We begin today in Iraq where a Christian humanitarian group was robbed at gunpoint in that war torn country. Food for the Hungry’s President Ben Homan was in the two-car convoy that was ambushed by four armed Iraqis. He says one of the cars outran the Iraqis, but the other vehicle was stopped. “But, thankfully, everybody was okay. What we appreciate in a sense about an incident like this is that it’s given us an opportunity to see what regular folks in Iraq are experiencing 24/7. The situation in Baghdad and in other cities is very insecure.” Homan says Iraq needs to be flooded with humanitarian help. He says they’re working through the local church, which could make an eternal difference. “Jesus said the two most important commandments – we need to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves, and what we’re doing is enabling the Iraqi church to love their neighbor as themselves.” Funding is needed to help meet the humanitarian needs.

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