Story number 2 for 7 May 2003

By May 7, 2003

(Iraq)–Elsewhere, prior to “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, humanitarian groups warned medical supplies were already at a critical low point in Iraq. Now, medical facilities say the lack of stores cripples their work. Operation Blessing International’s Bill Horan outlines their response. “We hope to do a project in Iraq with an organization called ‘Physicians For Peace’. Operation Blessing and Physicians For Peace are anxious to put in a prosthetic center, either into Baghdad or into Basra, whichever hospital could accommodate the best way.” Horan urges prayer. He says this project demonstrates the faith that can’t be shared openly. “We have to be very sensitive to local culture and the fact that there’s some feelings of hostility from Muslim people that might be fearful that we are appearing as conquerors trying to take over their country and ‘impose our religion’, if you will, upon them.”

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