Story number 1 for 7 Sep 2000

By September 7, 2000

Topping the headlines today, the United States has issued a report on religious freedom that blasted China, Sudan, Afghanistan and others for persecuting people for their faith. The countries in question have come under fire for their harsh crackdowns, primarily the persecution of Christians. Open Doors’ Terry Madison. “It adds emphasis and weight to our own World Watch list that we put out twice a year, in which we indicate the levels of persecution by various nation states.” When asked about whether recrimination could be used as a weapon against believers, Madison added: “We could probably find examples of where, the government, in a sense, embarrassed by the State Department reports would further clamp down on Christians-that’s quite likely and it has happened from place to place. But, most heads of state deny that all of these State Department accusations are true, and sort of rub it off.”

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